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5 Deadly Sins of Show Don’t Tell

5 Deadly Sins of Show Don't Tell

Every once in a while you find something on Twitter that is so useful, so mind blowing, and awesome that you just have to share it.  Retweets are great, but sometimes its not enough.

I’m friends with a lot of writers.  Some are doing it for fun, others are in the Indie Publishing space and others are Traditionally Published.  All of them have fallen on the sword of ONE of these deadly sins as outlined by the fantastically talented  PS: you should be following her & her website!

Behind the break you’ll find a “little” info-graphic I put together on her latest ‘rant’ on Twitter (you can find it here) which I think might help you better understand the phrase “Show, Don’t Tell” which editors and agents have been screaming to the sky since time immemorial.  If you like what you see, give it a share and be sure to point people towards Naomi.

Special thanks to Naomi for allowing me to make this graphic for everyone to share, enjoy and make good use of – may it help all of our writing to be more showing and less telling.

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5 Ways You’re Using Twitter Wrong

5 Ways You're Using Twitter Wrong

5 Ways You’re Use Twitter Wrong

When I got onto Twitter, I had no idea how anyone made good use of it.  I’d click that “home” button and find this endless stream of 140-character thoughts. Most of the tweets were advertisements, and almost none of them were of any real interest to me.  After years of using Facebook (and before that Myspace), Twitter felt like the vacuum of space into which advertisers were just yelling to no real effect.

If you’ve felt the same way, you’re not alone!  I’ve spoken to quite a few indie/aspiring/traditional authors who are unsure why they even bother with Twitter. Most of them insist they keep one because they know they will need one when they finally hit the big time (think: JK Rowling) but right now they feel as though they are standing at the edge of the void screaming into nothing.

They get on Twitter, and instead of making a killing in sales, they just end up talking to the same dozen people they always talk to, sharing their cover photos, and they can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

What are you doing wrong on Twitter?  Let’s look!

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Did you say Fantasy RPG Fitness App?

MarchQuest Fantasy RPG Fitness App
Adventure in their world – get fit in ours! MarchQuest Fantasy RPG Fitness App

By Gandalf’s snowy white beard, I sure did!

Today I intend to review the new IOS app “Marchquest” by Loreful, but before I get into what I like (and what I hope to eventually see from this app/game/fitness tool) I want to get a bit real with you.

Now, when I say real I mean true confessions of a gamer geek and outcast kid™ kinda real, because I truly believe that the best fantasy stuff comes from hard places.  Just ask Robert Jordan or JRR Tolkien, war is hell & life in general can be too.

So saddle up MarchWarden, let’s chat about the ways we save ourselves and apps geeks will love – click that read more link below!

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12 Ways to Blog Better

12 ways to improve your blog

I spend a lot of time in my day job looking at ways to leverage social media and reach a wider audience.  As an aspiring author I can’t help but to notice that this is something that my fellow authors think a lot about too!  Obviously, the day will come when I’ll have to reach the masses with a book I hope will sell like hot cakes and building up my audience before that day comes can’t hurt!

So, in the interest of sharing good information with our blog readers and other aspiring authors here’s my running list of a dozen great ways to pimp your blog!

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Strong, Bitchy, or Both?

Strong Female Lead or a Bitchy Female Lead - can it be both?

There you are, bold writer of a strong female lead ™, when all the sudden you write your upteenth snarky quip and you find yourself wondering:  “Has my strong lead character morphed into an utter bitch unexpectedly?”

Today I’m gonna talk about strong female characters, sexism and a bunch of other stuff that is sure to invite the twitterverse to eat my face utterly.  Click the read more and just a warning, I’m using the B-word a whole lot in this one!

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Wheel of Time TV Series: Why Isn’t This a Thing?

Fantasy fans the world over already know about it and if you’re one of those people who came to great shows like Outlander and Game of Thrones through TV … you NEED to read the book series “Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson because… well because it’s not on TV (yet.)  But why?  Let’s talk about it – click the read more for a spoiler free chat about why this SHOULD be a thing.

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3 Reasons for Reading Dystopian Fiction

Dystopian Fiction
Artistic Credit: http://elldevil.deviantart.com/art/Dystopia-Destroyed-City-357489610

People can be doggedly hard on dystopian fiction.  It’s weird how some people can like a thing a great deal until it becomes wildly popular and then somehow that popularity makes it suddenly unpalatable.  Instead of asking “why is dystopian fiction still popular” maybe we should talk about why it was to begin with.

Here’s three reasons why people are reading Dystopian Fiction.

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Barbie called Fat by girl & I’m happy.

Fat Barbie declares child and that's good

Time Magazine Article features girls as young as six mocking new Barbie as Fat.

Confession:  I hated the Jem doll when I first saw her because after years of playing with Barbie, I felt she was fat and therefore (despite her awesome hair which I loved and the epic clothing she had) she was ugly.  At the tender age of seven I think it was my cousin Kimmy who had a Jem doll and I thought about how thick she seemed compared to my barbie and how I’d never want one.

I was seven.  And no.  Jem dolls were NOT fat.  And yet… I had an image in my head about how dolls (and probably how women) should ideally look.

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Growing. Loss, Grief, & Foster Parenting

Miscarriage, Pregnancy, Loss, Grief, Mourning

Been a while since I blogged about me.  In fact, one of the last personal blogs I did was over at writing wenches (you can read it here: click here )  and it talks about our adventure in trying to sell our house, buying a new house, trying to get pregnant, a major health worry, resolving I wouldn’t get pregnant, and finally starting on our journey to foster/adopt.

Well, today I’m going to be real.  Gut tearing, exposing myself to the world, no holds barred kinda real.  And, as you can guess by the title and the image, I did get pregnant and I lost my baby.  Here was what I wrote on Facebook after our loss:

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Do Twitter and Blogs Really Drive Book Sales?

An interesting read about the effect of Twitter & Blogs on book sales.  Totally worth checking out.

Follow The Reader

We’ve all heard the old adage that “fifty percent of advertising works, we just don’t know which fiftty percent it is.” But does it apply to book chatter on Twitter and blogs? And if so, now that it’s becoming possible to measure just about everything through digital analysis, do we have to accept that it’s still true?

Acacia Tree of Live via Hyd-masti.com

Those were just a few of the questions in play at a recent #followreader discussion on Twitter, which yielded more than a few interesting facts and resources:

  • Many participants testified that they have purchased up to ten books in the last few months on the strength of recommendations on the social networking site.
  • Bloggers Anne Kingman and Michael Kindness, who are Random House sales reps by day, reported that more than 30% of their readers at Books on the Nightstand have bought three to five books based on recomendations on the site and 14% have bought six or more, according to the 252 respondents to…

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