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Recent Kick In My Ass & Stuff For You!

Well, this is what, my third time at attempting to keep a blog?  Yeesh!  I’ve deleted old ones (save my LiveJournal account where I have some larp stuff that I may repost here eventually) and decided to begin with a clean slate.  Most of you who followed me before will probably pick up again so no worries there.  It wasn’t as though I had a massive following – yet!  I guess the big change with this blog from the others is this:  this one’s for me.

If I don’t write in it every day, oh well!  That also means I’m largely taking the internal sensor off.  I’m going to share all sorts of writing and thoughts here – everything from my Christian Fiction & thoughts on faith to my Darker Fiction & LARP stuff.  I’ll try to warn you at the start of an entry that might not be work safe or appropriate for children to read.  Needless to say, however, there will be a bit of cussing here because this is my space and in my space (outside of work) I do a fair bit of that too.  😉

Please note the website I took this photo from (address on the picture) it’s the home of the ABFAB Rebecca T Dickson (the Beckster.)  She said somethings which made a lot of sense to me and have inspired me to get back at writing again.  Head over to her website and find her on Facebook.  If you’re a writer, or want to be, this lady has a lot of good stuff for you.

At the moment I’m working on a video entry to a contest she’s hosting (CLICK HERE to view the awesomeness!) and I’ve been keeping myself busy writing over at http://750words.com/  again, if you’re a writer, pay them a visit!  You won’t regret it (especially if you’re trying to form a habit of writing every day.)

Thanks for the likes, the comments and the follows – knowing that my creations entertain you is why I do this.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. I’m sure I’ll share it all at some point soon, but for now let’s just leave it at this:  Sometimes the very best inspiration a girl can have comes from righteous indignation and to those who have inspired it I say this, “I wish you well.  I wish you all success.  And thank you.”

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