Writer Quotes of the Week

Check out the featured image here, it’s a free Facebook cover for you to enjoy (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) with a writer’s quote from Ray Bradbury that I found this week.  Behind the cut you’ll find five quotes I’ve come across this week that I thought might be fun to share as graphics.  Totally free for your enjoyment!  So, take a peak behind the read more link for some graphicy love!

Writer Quote Mark Twain The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug & the lightning

MARK TWAIN – One of the biggies of American Lit.  The photo is a picture of the Mackinac Bridge ( learn about how to say and spell it here: http://walkinthewords.blogspot.com/2009/05/mackinaw-vs-mackinac-spelling-and.html ) in Michigan … my birth state.  And the quote couldn’t be more true!


Writer Quote Ray Bradbury Let the world burn through you throw the prism light, white hot, on paper!

The image evokes thoughts of the White Ajah from http://www.tarvalon.net (where I share my love of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series with other fans) and so I stuck with the white colors and bubble images.  On a side note about the quote, Ray Bradbury was one of my early favorites.  I can remember my mom taking us to our county library at the start of the summer and I came home with a collection of his short stories.  To this day they remain some of my favorites.



Writing Quote George Bernard Shaw Life isn't about finding yourself Life is about creating yourself

I’m on a bit of a red and black kick right now and I shamelessly blame the beauty of this website:  http://rebeccatdickson.com/  … beyond being amazing to look at, Rebecca Dickson has already inspired me a bit and I haven’t paid her a dime (well, other than her book which … ironically I came across a copy of and loved enough to seek out on amazon and pay her for!)  Stop by her site and be sure to follow her on social media, it’s worth your time if you’re an writer.

Writing Quote Patrick Dennis I always start writing with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind


Total disclosure here – I LOVE writing and reading romance.  Probably can’t tell by how much horror/thriller stuff is on the blog at the moment, but one of my first finished novels is a romance.  I very much get into the idea of high stakes, higher emotions, and a happy ending.  If you throw in some supernatural stuff too… *shivers*  you have sold me.  I ♥ paranormal romance before a certain story about those pseudo-vampires became so famous.  I’m not a huge fan, but good on those of you who are.  😉  So yea, my brain does tend to wander towards some pretty steamy stuff from time to time and I’m sure I’ll share it here.  If you’re from my family, I’ll try to warn you in advance so you don’t have to read anything that might scar you for life.  😉


Last one for this week … Tell the Damn Story.  It’s as hard as that… and as easy.  Sometimes I need to tell myself this one over and over.  Hate to admit it but I think we all need a kick in the ass from time to time… am I right?




3 comments on “Writer Quotes of the Week

  1. Love the last quote! Words I try to live by in my own writing and a subject I just blogged about.

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