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Review of 750words.com

Hey there readers and writers it’s Friday and that means (for me anyway) that it’s almost the weekend! With that comes the chance to do a little more than my normal 750 words per day. It’s that precious time when I normally don’t have to be somewhere else doing anything other than getting my house picked up, spending time with my kiddo and hubby, and reading whatever is currently on my “to read” list and writing!

However, you may be asking yourself: “Self – why is it that Dee writes to 750 words each day? Why not 500 or 1000? Why not for thirty minutes or an hour?” Well, in today’s blog I’m going to introduce you to the reason… a tool you can use too: 750words.com

I came across 750words.com about a month ago and I’ve been writing almost every day since. 750words is something of a personal journal meets rewards system. Users get 30 days free to try it and then it’s $5 a month thereafter to be a patron of the service. Writers at 750words can enjoy the ability to have their writing stored but actual editing and writing is limited to one day at a time – today only. From Midnight to Midnight (your time zone) you can write on today’s page. If you hit 750words you get points. Points and daily activity add up to badges which will proclaim to other users just how prolific of a writer you are. You can also see how you’re stacking up against other writers daily, monthly, and since you joined the site!

Now, you *could* cheat the system… it’s not like someone goes into each post to ensure you didn’t just post garbage characters or generated text, but the only person you’d be cheating is you. And why would you want to do that? The site not only gives out badge awards for days in a row posted, but also for times of day you write at, for making donations to support the site, and for days of undisturbed writing – a disruption being 3+ minutes pause in your writing that day.

Statistics are kept on your writing as well. How long did it take you to get to 750 words? How many words per minute did you type? 750words knows all of it! Less scientifically speaking, the website also allows you to look inside your own head a bit by analyzing the words you’re typing to tell you the sorts of emotions, topics, and mindset you were in while writing. Granted, the makers of the site acknowledge this is more for fun than anything else. You can’t take that kind of tech too seriously after all.

With just over 2,000 writers at the time of my making this post, it’s not widely used on the internet… yet. I suspect, however, that with nanowrimo fast approaching that word will get around and a lot more would-be novelists could make this page a real hit. Speaking of Nano — if you like a good challenge, 750words.com has you covered there as well! Join the monthly challenge they have on the site. Writers are encouraged to join the monthly challenge for a reward of their own design and a ‘punishment’ of their own design as well (many people choose to make the reward pretty awesome with the draw back being something like a $5 donation to the site’s creator to keep it up and running… not a bad idea! In fact I’m doing just that this month myself!) Additionally, just for entering the monthly challenge you’ll be featured on the Wall of Amazingness! Beware though – failing to complete the challenge results in being added to the “Wall of Shame” until you succeed in your goal!

And, of course, before you ask – you can ask for “time off” when your streak will be put on hold and you won’t lose it. So, for those unavoidable times you’re in a hospital or on vaccation, you can be sure you won’t lose all your hard work for an inability to access the interwebz. All told it’s a pretty powerful little tool for $5 and, I don’t know about you, but these virtual badges always make me feel good. I’m pretty much unable to NOT work towards something if I know it’s within reach. The challenges also keep me interested and going even on those nights when I’m feeling BLEH and would rather do anything besides sit in front of my computer… even to write.

Do you have a favorite writing tool that you’ve found on the internet? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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