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Kraken’s Embrace

Across the ocean, on an island of seaweed, lived a witch stranded by fate and waves.  Alone but happy she made merry by diving for pearls and singing chanties of old.  Near her sixteenth birthday, a pirate ship came round and heard her angelic tones echoing through the mist.

The pirate Captain Bloodmane came ashore and in the darkness her virtue he claimed, with promises of love eternal.  Off he sailed with the next tide, her pearls and heart in his grip, never intending to keep his word; for what is a pirate without his freedom?

Months turned to years and the sweet maid became bitter with loneliness. She called up the animals of the sea and implored them, “Tell me what became of my beloved?”

The seal told her his lust for gold, stronger than any love he’d known.  The starfish lamented three lovers and the crab chattered on about no less than five more.

The witch raged, “Lust for gold, heart so frigid and cold, now you shall forever be a creature of the sea!”  On a storm her spell went forth to find Bloodmane’s ship.   “An arm to hold each lover, that none might escape his embrace when he chooses to give it.”  She cried.  “And a hunger so deep as the ocean is wide!”

Bloodmane’s vessel never again made port though some say they have seen its ruins.  To this day, if you board an ill-fated ship, you just might fall into the beastly Kraken’s grip.

Author’s Note:  Flash Fiction (250 word limit) Entry into Halloween Themed Contest – here for your enjoyment.  Happy Halloween!

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