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Little Bird

“Absolutely beautiful.”

It was dark except for the candle in the middle of the table. Amber’s golden curls splayed across the floor, slowly sopping up the deep crimson which oozed from the smile across her throat. Besides the rain, the only noise which disrupted this moment was from the birds. Over a dozen of the little shits flapping and chattering madly in their cages in the next room. They’d been quiet after the disagreement, but now they were at it again. This interruption was unforgivable. Something had to be done.

“SHUT UP!” He screamed. This made them grow louder, throwing their bodies against the steal bars in fear.

“I’ll give you something to screech about!” Cage after cage he slammed them mercilessly to the floor, silencing some and freeing others. Feathers, birdseed, and feces made a horrible mess everywhere; but at least they were quiet now. He needed quiet to enjoy a moment alone with his beloved. Kneeling beside her, he kissed her still warm lips ever so gently.

“Forgive me?”

A knock at the window. A small yellow bird threw itself against the glass. He rose to let the pretty thing go free, before it killed itself. Opening the window he watched the bird dart off into storm; then paused to marvel at the massive white feather which fell from above. He looked up. Two sharp talons rent into his flesh and lifted him into the storm – the cry of the Harpy concealed by a peel of thunder.
Author’s Note: Flash Fiction (250 word limit) Entry into Halloween Themed Contest – here for your enjoyment. Happy Halloween!

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