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The Iron Beast

Hear my words, young one, & know the madness of the Banshee’s song.

Many years ago, when I wore the skin of a beautiful lass no more than 16 summers, I first saw her face.  Long silver hair blowing in the torrents of midnight wind, chilling me to the bone.  She moved through moonlight like a dancer, though her body was bent and twisted with age much as mine is now.  She sang a song of death, promises of my loss yet to come, and legs gave way beneath me.

“He’ll lay on the earth, blood all around.”  She sang.  “The iron beast’s claw through his belly.” I pleaded for my love’s life, but the Banshee is as cold as death, and twice as merciful.  Sorrow took root and I ran home to seek the means with which kill the iron beast that would rob my beloved of his breath.  Then out into the night I went once more, determined to slay the beast that hunted there.

In the early hours of morn, when the shadows are long and play games with a man’s mind; I could hear the beast through the trees.  His heavy feet echoed through the wood.  I raised my father’s gun and squeezed my eyes as my fingers pulled a trigger I’d never touched before.

Eyes open at last, I found him there, crimson all around – my one true love, dead by the sting of an iron beast, my own dear father’s gun.

Author’s Note:  Flash Fiction (250 word limit) Entry into Halloween Themed Contest – here for your enjoyment.  Happy Halloween!

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