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The writing exercise that gets me published #amwriting

I love the mental image created by @jadedeterville in this blog – you are your own X-Factor judge in the writing process. 😀

Jade De-Terville

An image of a typewriter writing once upon a time

The first and last sentence of whatever you are writing, whether it’s content or fiction, are always the most important. As a Marketing Specialist by day and having also worked as a Freelance Copywriter and PR Professional, I understand this. In a short story, especially, you need to grab the reader immediately with that first sentence, which is why this writing exercise is so great. Taught to me by a Creative Writing lecturer in my first year of University, this writing exercise was how I began my first published short story, Martha’s Murderer.

So here goes:

Step one: Write ten first sentences. Use your imagination and get creative, don’t put too much thought into it, just think of interesting sentences that might have promise. (Use a glass of wine to lubricate the mind if need be…and yes my lecturer also taught me that.)

Step two: Choose five of those sentences…

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