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Fantastic tip! I’ll add one to this – not sure what to tag a reblogged post? Look for the author’s original tags. Steal those! Help get the word out when you find something useful. Reblog. Reblog. Reblog! 😀

HarsH ReaLiTy

I think people are overthinking the whole “tag” business on WordPress. Tags serve two purposes for a blogger they either categorize their posts or they get their posts seen. How tags serve your audience is a different matter and that is where bloggers seem to miss the mark. I’ll explain what I know of tags.

People ask “how do I know what tags are trending?” The “overall WordPress Reader” (when I say overall I mean the general river of posts made by all bloggers that blog on WordPress and not an individual’s reader that their subscribed posts go to) always has posts being added to it and you can “guess” what tags are being used. Remember the importance of tags in connection with networking on WordPress as a platform is the ability to use the search bar to essentially “find new blogs” to connect with.


This is so you aren’t…

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