The Only Thing Standing In Your Way Is…

While my daughter dreams of snow and Santa, I’m up writing a summer themed romance – isn’t the writer’s life great?!?  I have to admit that it is a little weird.  Weird, not just because my head is buried in Caribbean images, but also because I’m working on a project that will really and truly be published this coming year!  Is it okay to admit that it both excites and scares the hell out of me?

What, me worry? – Read On Friend!

I suppose I have all the same fears that any artist has before sharing their work with their peers and the public.  I get the same thrill when I prepare to go on stage, when I post a blog or when I share my work in a workshop.  But this will be different because… I don’t know.

Because it’s less of a game somehow?  Because people will have to actually want to read it enough to buy it and if it sucks utterly it could have a major impact on my future ability to share my work? Yea, expecting folks to put their money where their appreciative/supportive mouths are is a bit different than friends/family coming to a community theater production or reading your blog for free.  It’s people with little to no connection to me who have real things they need to buy every day… things other than my stories.

And yet… why not my stories?  We all seek out entertainment and pay for it… so why can’t I be the one to entertain you?  Why should that seem so odd to me?  Or you?  Do YOU go through that too?  Do you cast doubts on the talent you have or the right you have to success?

My faith and common sense tells me the same thing – happiness is not something that the universe or God would want to withhold from me.  There’s no logical reason for it.  So, it stands to reason, the only thing standing in my way is my talent and or my willingness to do the work necessary to achieve my goals.  Big girl panties on – let’s do this.

Just some random thoughts for myself (and all of you) before bed.  Wishing you guys happy dreams of snow (or in the case of my fellow Wenches, sandy beaches and cruise ships!)

6 comments on “The Only Thing Standing In Your Way Is…

  1. I was so terrified of the ‘publish now’ button on Kindle that I waited until my wife came home to make me press it. I had been dragging my feet trying not to get to that stage for so long but there I was and no more excuses. Part of my reluctance you have articulated so well. Why would anyone without a common surname care? Yet some have and some have reviewed it and I’m on my way to doing it again. It’s worth it whether you self publish or have some one do it for you, really. Happy White Christmas

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  2. “Big girl panties on”– LOVE IT! I wish you nothing but success in your endeavors. Knock ’em dead!

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  3. Great luck to you! Yes, it’s scary putting something out there for the world to see, to love or hate, to recommend or criticize. But it’s also wonderful to do something you love and see it come to fruition. I was giddy the first time, and why not? It’s an accomplishment. Enjoy!

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