One Simple Trick To Fight Writer’s Block

Fighting Writer's Block Writing Tips

Sometimes You Just Need To Let the Fun Out!  – Goofing Off With My Boss & Friend, Astra.

So you’re feeling the strain of your ambitious New Year’s resolutions to write or publish your writing this year?  Rest assured you’re not alone!  So many people start off the new year with all the best intentions which are quickly dashed by the reality of every day life and re-prioritized needs – it happens to all of us.

So what’s a girl (or guy) to do?  Well, I may not have all the answers, but I do have one trick that works for me.

Doctor Who? DeAnna! Fighting Writer's Block

Armed with a sonic screwdriver, you could find the fun in writing again!

You don’t need a super hero or madman in a blue box to save the day and keep the writer’s block away… you just need to stop being so hard on yourself and remember why you do this.  Fun.

So today the words aren’t coming.  Maybe you’re eager to finish your first novel or have a deadline hanging over your head – what happens?  You get frustrated.  You get down on yourself.  You question your talent, your resolve to do this, and a thousand other things that only a truly creative person (like yourself) could dream up… not that this is any consolation.  You’re still not writing what you need to be writing, right?

WRONG.  Feed your creativity.  Feed it some fun.  Sit down, write about anything.  Write about your favorite TV show, your favorite book, tell me a story all about what happened to that favorite character of yours after their story was done!  We all started out telling stories not because we hoped to be millionaires (though, we’d be liars if we said we’d be unhappy with such an outcome now) instead we did it because it made us and others happy.

So set aside the thing that you think you need to be doing, the project that is eating your brain alive – the one that is making you stare blankly at the screen or spend hours of procrastination on social media… and write something else, namely something silly and fun that has no other purpose except to get the words coming out of you again.

Believe it or not, your stress isn’t helping matters… in fact, it’s making things worse.  The longer you allow yourself to spend in that dark place where you think you can’t possibly get out words… the more true it’s going to become.  Let your thinking muscle take a rest and let your creativity run wild.  What do you have to lose?

“But Dee – I’ll just feel like I’m wasting time working on a new project – especially one that isn’t furthering my career!”

Look, I get you.  God, do I get that!  However, if you can’t write what you want to be writing right now, the time is going to pass anyhow.  You can either give your brain a little recoup time (a vacation if you will) or you can keep stressing and hope the writing fairies come along and reward you with a shiny brand new muse.  Now, if you’ve done this before (as many of us have) I bet you know how it ends.  Normally it ends with a lot of frustration and very little productivity.  So, again, what do you have to lose?


31 comments on “One Simple Trick To Fight Writer’s Block

  1. This is the very kick up the arse I needed today, Deanna. Thank you

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  2. We all have those days, weeks, months haha.. Great advice 🙂

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  3. Great advice… and some pretty cool stuff comes out when you play.

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  4. Good advice. If I may add, it helps me to always be thinking about my story and characters when my brain isn’t focused on helping a customer at work or doing something with my family. That way, I know what I want to write before I sit down.


    • That’s a GREAT tip. I’ll probably blog on this later, but I’ve been known to run potential scenes through my head like I’m watching a movie as I’m working on things that don’t require a lot of thought. By the time I sit at the computer I’ve already refined how I want things to play out for the most part. Then it’s just a matter of putting it “on paper”

      Thanks for sharing your idea!

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  5. I love the photo. You guys look like my sister and I. We set aside a few no writing days each week. It really helps.


  6. Did the committment to write 500 words a day for the month of January. Did great on the 1st, but nada yesterday. Today I did 1076 and wasn’t really trying to make up. Just decided whatever stopping point happened, happened. Much less stress. Kudos on the uplifting. Writing SHOULD be FUN!


  7. Good advice! I just stop thinking about it and do something else. Usually, something pops in my head.


  8. Reblogged this on DragonflyLady's Writey Ramblings and commented:
    A very good point!


  9. I love your blog. I’m just getting back into the writing thing after “living in the darkness” for many years. I was led to your blog by WriterishRamblings and I will be following you. I came across NaNoWriMo about one month ago and signed up for next year’s challenge so I am appreciating all of the writers here on wordpress who are so enthusiastic and encouraging about writing.
    Just a thought – I think there should be a chocolate and hot beverage fund available for writers. Maybe we could start a charity.

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    • I’m 100% in support of that charity! Chocolate, wine, tea, and coffee fund… Support Your Local Writer today!

      LOL! So happy to hear you found my blog and enjoy what I’m doing here. I have you on follow as well so let’s keep in touch. Like chocolate and beverages, writers need to support each other. It’s hard going down a creative path alone… so take a friend. 😀

      Welcome back out of darkness. We’re glad to have you here!

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      • Why, thank you, LOL, I’m looking forward to the journey and who knows maybe we’ll come up with a community chocolate and beverage charity. I’ve seen donate buttons on some blogs. Maybe it won’t be a joke after all. My site will be under construction for a bit so I hope you’re patient. Thank you for the friendly welcome.

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  10. I have been in that “dark place” recently and finally stopped beating myself up about not writing a couple of months ago. I had been to a counsellor’s supervision session and had thrown at me the question, “What do I want to do?” As my predominant driver for behaviour is “please others” I really had never stopped and asked myself this. The next month I had written more than I had in the previous six! Now with the post xmas thing I find myself reading your blog and realise the FUN that can be had quite easily! So thanks for pointing out the obvious (funny how we all miss it eh!? Can you hear ya Ma’s voice telling you how you never see what’s right in front of you!??!) & here’s to a year of great FUN writing!

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