One Simple Resource for Finding Great Content

Super Simple Way To Find Great Content

How many times have I heard this:  “I’d share stuff on social networking but I don’t know what to share.”  Or “I just don’t have time to find content – I have so many other things going on!”

I feel you.  There are days when I swear there just aren’t enough hours in the day!  It’s rush to get up and get my kiddo off to school, write if I’m able, then off to work, write if I’m able on lunch, then take kiddo to after school activities, then it’s rush home, help with homework as I make dinner, get kiddo ready for bed and… oh man, was there any time in there for me at all?!?

Amazingly though, I have found a resource you might not be using right now that could save you a lot of time.  Click read more and we’ll discuss!

Disclaimer:  I’m going to talk about Google here because it’s what I use.  If you don’t use google I’m sure yahoo and other services on the web can provide you with a similar service … but since I’m unfamiliar with those, I’ll stick to what I know.  Okay?  Great.  Let’s do this!

  1. Log into Google.
  2. Click that nine-tiny-squares icon at the top upper right and choose “Google News” or just go to:  google.com
  3. At the top of the page on the right side, click the “personalize” button
  4. Have a list of topics related to your “brand” on hand. Your brand (as an author) will run along the lines of what you write about.  Romance authors probably write about relationships, sex, marriage, etc . You might also want to write down topics like books, authors, publishing, self-publishing and more.  I’ll get to why shortly.
  5. Scroll down to the text entry box on the right hand side that says “add any news topic” and begin adding your brand terms and those others I mentioned. Then click the done button offered.
  6. Your new news topics should appear on the left hand side of your page.
  7. Go back up to the topics above the topics you added… things like world, us, technology etc etc and hover your mouse on each.  You should see a trash can.  Use it for all topics that don’t concern you.
  8. Now you’ve created a list of topics you and your readers are interested in. Just click any of your topics on the left and watch news from around the net appear!  This should save you a LOT of time hunting down great content.
  9. Choose the articles you think your readers/fans will be most interested in and schedule your tweets etc accordingly so they appear throughout the day.
  10. Don’t forget to check in with social networking when you get a chance and interact with your fans.  Discuss what you’ve shared, like/favorite things etc.  It’s simply not enough to spam information at people.  ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE!  😀

That’s it!  Now you can quickly and easily find great content to share on your social networking that is interesting and relevant to your target market!  Easy Peasy!  

Do YOU have a great way to find content on the net worth sharing?  Tell me about it in the comments below.  I and others would love to hear from you!

13 comments on “One Simple Resource for Finding Great Content

  1. I use Newshog (it’s on an app for Kindle Fire) that does a similar thing except there’s no way to add topics to those given 😀

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  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing. I’ve already personalized my google news. Just a note, “Fantasy” as a topic will bring forth an ton of fantasy sports articles. I had to use “Fantasy Entertainment.

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  3. WOW, excellent advice, DeAnna! I’ve been looking for new blogs to read (new year/new blogs) and you’ve just saved me an enormous amount of time. Thank you!

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  4. Great tip. I’m doing this as soon as I get home from work, after dinner, homework, and all that other stuff we cram into our day. Thanks so much for sharing. Love your blog.

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