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Wheel of Time TV Series: Why Isn’t This a Thing?

Fantasy fans the world over already know about it and if you’re one of those people who came to great shows like Outlander and Game of Thrones through TV … you NEED to read the book series “Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson because… well because it’s not on TV (yet.)  But why?  Let’s talk about it – click the read more for a spoiler free chat about why this SHOULD be a thing.

The truth is that WOT fans (a rabid and numerous lot) have been praying for this for a very long time… since before the Game of Thrones or other successful (and high budget) fantasy and period/era TV shows.

Unlike some series *cough*Game of Thrones*cough* the Wheel of Time series is done.  From start to end the course is mapped and plotted – no spoilers here for those who have read the books.  Whatever happens on screen, ideally, has book cannon to back it up and chart its course.

It’s got a built in fan base, obviously.  Just go to google and type in Wheel of Time.  You’ll find dozens of websites dedicated to cataloging information from the series as well as places for fans to roleplay, interact, meet and yes even fall in love (you would not believe how many people credit this series to bringing them together with their loved one!)  And that’s not all… look it up on youtube.  Bands have made music about the books, people have done fan videos and short films, conventions are hosted JUST FOR THIS SERIES.  There is money to be made, are you listening Netflix, STARS (my money is on these guys for doing it but that’s another blog), HBO, and others!

It doesn’t have to go raunchy like some other book series making it a series the whole family could watch (or most of them) but it also could be taken a darker more adult route depending on who is writing and filming the TV adaption.  Sure there is enough violence in it but there’s also romance, intrigue, suspense… and of course all sorts of fantasy elements that are so incredibly popular right now.

And let’s talk about budget… okay so some of the stuff could be done better with a big budget but look at what fans have done without that tech or highly paid workers!  The story takes place in a world setting that could be as rich as what we see on Game of Thrones with filming all over the world… or done just about anywhere.

With so much opportunity for marketing and money to be made, it seems to me the life of WOT shouldn’t end on the page and in audio book alone.  The scope of the story is far too large to be done well on a silver screen (Lord of the Rings/Hobbit was great folks, but it was done across several movies… for a far shorter story – WOT is over a dozen books and we’re not counting the short stories or encyclopedias that were published for it!)

What do you think?  Are you a WOT fan?  Are you excited to see it come to TV as is said to be happening at long last (I’m eager, but worried it still won’t happen as we’ve had no new news recently and we’ve waited long for this, as they say.) Do you have fears that they will mess things up?  Who do you think is taking on the project or who SHOULD take it on?  Let me know in the comments below.  OH – and warning folks – there be spoilers in the comments potentially.  You’ve been warned.

Forward the Banner of the Dragon!

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