5 Deadly Sins of Show Don’t Tell

5 Deadly Sins of Show Don't Tell

Every once in a while you find something on Twitter that is so useful, so mind blowing, and awesome that you just have to share it.  Retweets are great, but sometimes its not enough.

I’m friends with a lot of writers.  Some are doing it for fun, others are in the Indie Publishing space and others are Traditionally Published.  All of them have fallen on the sword of ONE of these deadly sins as outlined by the fantastically talented  PS: you should be following her & her website!

Behind the break you’ll find a “little” info-graphic I put together on her latest ‘rant’ on Twitter (you can find it here) which I think might help you better understand the phrase “Show, Don’t Tell” which editors and agents have been screaming to the sky since time immemorial.  If you like what you see, give it a share and be sure to point people towards Naomi.

Special thanks to Naomi for allowing me to make this graphic for everyone to share, enjoy and make good use of – may it help all of our writing to be more showing and less telling.

5 Deadly Sins of Show, Don't Tell.

2 comments on “5 Deadly Sins of Show Don’t Tell

  1. This is so useful. Thank you for making this. 🙂 (and sharing it!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of course! I saw these points being made and I instantly thought about how it could be more helpful to some in a visual / easy to share format. Glad you like it!


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