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The Character Motivation Thesaurus

Character Motivation Thesaurus

Writers Helping Writers is an amazing website I’ve recently stumbled across, and their Character Motivation Thesaurus is an excellent resource I just had share with all of you!

You’ll find the entry linked below and be sure to check out their list of Character Motivations.  Also be sure to follow Becca Puglisi on Twitter at @beccapuglisi and Angela Ackerman at @AngelaAckerman … and bookmark One Stop for Writers because they have an amazing amount of resources on their other site as well. 

The Character Motivation Thesaurus

“This thesaurus will help you unravel some of your biggest story questions by specifically focusing on what your character wants (outer motivation), why they want it (inner motivation), how they might achieve their goal, and what stands in their way.”

Continue Reading At Writers Helping Writers

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