About DeAnna

Author DeAnna Ross & her kid Sister

Me and my kid Sister – a professional at tugging on heart strings, to whom I owe much of my creative drive.

Ghost/Content writer for-hire, wife, mom, & future teen idol!  This is place where I share my life, writing, & randomness with unique people of class and character.

Born in Northern Lower Michigan, I grew up under the shadow of the trees in the Huron National Forest – it was here I first started telling stories to all my friends which I passed off as ‘a dream I had last night.’

By the time I graduated high school I had several journals full of stories, a novel finished, and the knowledge that I would be doing something creative with my life – though I wasn’t sure what just yet.

I attended a few years of college at Northern Michigan University on the shores of Lake Superior where I met the love of my life. Together we traveled to the state of Missouri where we married, bought a home, and started a family.

Author DeAnna Ross

A more recent photo.

Lately I’ve been working as a content writer for various names around the internet which allows to me to stay at home and manage my family life.  Meanwhile in the evenings and on weekends I continue towards my goal of becoming a traditionally published fiction author.

Encouragement in the form of likes, comments, & donations of chai tea are warmly accepted & greatly appreciated.


Contacting Author DeAnna Ross

I’d love to hear from you.  Use the form below to reach out!  Be sure to click the “Free Pizza” link in the menu bar above so you can sign up for my newsletter (which isn’t free pizza but I promise it’s also not spam!)  I’ll keep you up to date on my published works and monthly I’ll give you a heads up on what’s happening here at the blog.

13 comments on “About DeAnna

  1. Best wishes.

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  2. Thank you for the follow. Following back. Keep up the ranty insights. They’re great! Ps whats a chamber chick? Maybe the differences in age and a separate pond but not heard that one. PPS. Best chai lattes in South London are to be found in Brixton. Make it over and I’ll point you in the right direction.

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    • A Chamber Chick is a woman (or Chic, in this case I spell it Chick as a play on the word Chicken because we live in a very agriculture focused community) who works for the local Chamber of Commerce. My official title is Executive Assistant, which translates loosely to “second in command – woman who can handle whatever goes wrong today!”

      In my job I largely focus on financials and PR. This means I get a lot of training in the latest on social networking and media in general. I like sharing that knowledge with my fellow writers and ideally the people who will one day buy my books!

      Oh and if you don’t know what a Chamber of Commerce is, it’s a non-profit organization built of members from area businesses. We work to represent the needs of those business by increasing tourism to our area, provide tools and education to small business owners, work to bring jobs and new residents to our area, and lastly to act as a unified voice for businesses to our local and state government.

      So – its a lot more fun to say Chamber Chick, but its really an amazing and important day job I keep. I’m blessed to have it.

      And WHEN I make it to London (it’s a stop on my bucket travel list) I’ll give you a shout. I’m sure we’ll see more of each other here on the net. Thanks for taking a moment to say hi!

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  3. Thanks for the follow back. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff on my reader. Keep peachy!

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  4. Nice to meet you DeAnna, we have a few things in common – wish I could virtually share a cup of chai tea with you, it’s my fav! I’m also striving for my first novel to be published in 2015 while being a Mom & full time worker in the clinical research field that’s fairly demanding. Best of luck to you!

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    • And to you Cassie! Are you on any social networks that I could follow or do you have a blog? I’d love to keep in touch. We writing moms need to stick together! Also, what genre are you writing for?


      • Yes! I agree let’s stick together 😉 it’s the only way to survive in style anyway. I can be found on my blog http://myetchasketchlife.com and I’m totally social networked up with Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest (my total time waster) and Facebook etc… My genre for my work in progress is YA with a little fantasy/paranormal, it’s a witchy backdrop 🙂 How about you? What are you working on?

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      • Thanks for sharing. I’ll look you up! Currently I’m working on a contemporary romance for an anthology due for publication in Summer 2015.

        I’m a big fan of YA though and I jokingly like to say that I liked paranormal before it was cool. Vampires were always my thing, but they’re kinda everywhere these days. I have a YA novel in the works as well as a paranormal romance novella in edits. I’d like to put out the paranormal romance in 2015 as well, but who knows. I know I don’t want to put out anything until it’s really solid.

        Happily I’m working with a workshop of writers as well as a group of authors (Writing Wenches… women writers, mostly romance but not all) and they’ve been a very big help/encouragement/support/resource group for me.

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  5. I’m glad I clicked on Chamber Chick to get some clarification because it sure wasn’t what I was thinking hahaha.. I must be hanging with Wenches too often I think.

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